Truly eclectic in her approach, Suzie's "style" is ever-evolving and not easily categorized. Drawing inspiration from fabrics, texture, collections, and vintage pieces, she strives to create environments that are colorful, casual, and easy to live in. By bringing her artistic eye to each project, Suzie creates stylish, transitional environments that uniquely express her clients and what they love.

She is recognized for her abilities to create fun, colorful eclectic spaces, as well as quiet "zen" environments, each reflective of how clients use their space. She sees walls as an opportunity to make her clients smile, preferring pieces of art that evoke emotion over those that only have a monetary value. In creating relaxed and moody environments, the proper use of light is key to Suzie's design aesthetic. Suzie also recognizes the importance of repurposing a client's existing furnishings or prized possessions in the creation of new interior designs.

Between interior design projects, Suzie flexes her creative muscles through graphic design and painting large abstract acrylic on canvas pieces. And, her love of hunting for vintage pieces results in a steady flow of treasures that she transforms into unique lighting pieces and furniture.

Suzie has degrees in Political Science from Colorado University at Boulder, and Interior Architecture and Design from University of California at Berkeley. SÜZA Design is a full-service residential design firm providing all services relating to interiors including floor plans, material and finish selections, custom drape and furniture fabrication.

Executive Vice President, Supervising + Worrying

Ever diligent, Lily brings a sense of refined elegance to each project. Sleeping with one eye open, she ensures that all “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” dotted for our clients. She gives her seal of approval to every decision with a soft but determined touch of her manicured paw. Lily sees no detail as too insignificant to be considered, and finds joy in obsessing over the minutia of design.

Executive Director, Curiosity + Enthusiasm

As a chronically inquisitive young artiste, Lucy loves to explore fabrics, materials and resources that result in new design possibilities for our clients. She brings an unbridled zest to her work that is both inspiring and contagious, and believes in nurturing loyalty and long-standing relationships. Lucy holds a California board-certified "licker license" and puts it to good use as a sign of her approval.

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